Skjervøy Panorama

Let’s share a local meal in our wildernesscamp and enjoy the scenery of our little corner of the world from a panoramic point of view.

Let us present to you the cozy society of Skjervøy from a panoramic point of view. We will be hosting you with local stories and friendly atmosphere in our own authentic way.

A short distance walk from city center leads us to the shelter from the urbane sights of the city lights and we get the feeling of how exotic the nature really is. On top of the hill, the city bowl appears and the sight of the amazing panoramic view over Skjervøy appears.

Inside our cozy range we seek shelter from the wintertemperature by gathering around the woodstove and enjoy a warm meal of real local traditional Reindeer-stew.

If the Norwegian coastal pride Hurtigruten is on time, we'll get a memorial sight when she greets herself through the entrance of the harbor.

The meeting point: REMA 1000 foodstore (Ørneveien B)

Walking distance: 1 km (road/gravel path).

Included: Local traditional reindeer stew.

Difficulty: Easy/ medium

Minimum age: 6 years old.

Remember to wear warm winterclothes (wool to skin, wintershoes, gloves, beanie)

Bookable: All year.

NB! Due to Norwegian Tax- rules, the price during booking leads to confusing by changing. The correct price will appear as a subtotal in the end of the booking.