Wilderness camp

Let’s share a local meal in our wilderness camp and enjoy the scenery of our little corner of the world from a panoramic point of view.

Let us present to you the cozy society of Skjervøy from a panoramic point of view. We will be hosting you with local stories and friendly atmosphere in our own authentic way.

A short distance walk from city center leads us to the shelter from the urbane sights and we get the feeling of how exotic the nature really is. By following the  gravel path halfway towards the hilltop(161mbs), we reach the wilderness camp. 

At campsite we seek shelter inside our cozy range. We gathering around the woodstove and enjoy a warm meal of real traditional Reindeer-stew made by the local cafe.

When sky is clear we might be lucky to witness Lady aurora dancing in the sky. Northern lights is a common phenomenon in our area during winter time in Northern Norway.

After enjoying campside for a while, we continue towards the hilltop. From here we get the visibility of the city bowl from a bird angle. The sight of the amazing panoramic view over Skjervøy appears.

If the Norwegian coastal pride Hurtigruten is on time, we’ll get a memorial sight when she makes her way through the entrance of the harbor.

Our local guide will make sure the activity is accomplish in a high quality and safety way, so you will feel taken care of and safeguarded.

We look forward being your host. 





ca. 3 hours



Minimum age/size

6 years old

Maximum number of guests


Walking distance

1 km one way (road/gravel path)

Meeting place:

Ørneveien B, BUNNPRIS .
Please be there 15 minutes before departure

Included in the price:


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Join a friendly atmosphere in our wilderness camp

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