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Let's together explore our little corner of the world, during all the seasonal variety of our region in northern Norway

In the wintertime you’ll be dazzled by the polar night’s beauty; low temperatures and a silent atmosphere under sparkling stars and the dancing northern lights.  In our area of the northern hemisphere, you might also experience the total opposite winter element, windy snowstorm.

As winter fades and the midnightsun reappears, the temperatures grow steadily warmer. The snow melts away and uncovers the landscape, revealing completely new scenery compared to the wintertime.

From spring to summer we proudly present to you the land where the sun never sets. A region of lush, green forest, and fields of blooming flowers. Rushing rivers, nesting birds and other creatures become more active and are really worth the trip to explore!

Let us introduce you to the wonders of our region and make sure you’ll have a quality experience to remember. It’ll be an honor to bring you on an adventure around our home; either at sea, along the roads, or out in the ground field.


Susanne Strøm

Susanne is one of the owners in Explore 70 Degrees. On a daily basis she is the CEO and also operates as one of the companies’ guides. She grew up in Spitsbergen, but she has her genealogical connection to Skjervøy. She has a Bachelor Degree in Tourism from the University of Harstad (NO) and Stralsund (DE). During her stay in Spitsbergen, she established knowledge and experience from the tourism business by working in its different departments for years (front/back-office agency, hotel, guide etc).  Susanne has her interests in nature and outdoors activity, both land and sea. She looks forward to hosting you in the beautiful areas of the region.

Øystein Fredheim

Øystein is also one of the owners in Explore 70 Degrees. He is native of the region, he knows almost every little corner in the area of Skjervøy and Kvænangen. He’s a real handyman and can come up with a solution for whatever needs to be fixed. Along with his trade skills, he has knowledge and experience in good seamanship. Along with his position as CTO in Explore 70 Degrees, he is a licensed commercial captain and has 10 years of professional experience at sea. He loves the ocean and would gladly be at sea 24/7. Øystein enjoys outdoors activity and has a lot of interest in talking with people. He looks forward to introducing you to local stories and hidden gems.

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