Summer activities

Birds- and wildlife tour

NOK 1550

Witness the amazing variety of wildlife in our region of Arctic Norway
(1.Feb - 15.Oct)

Hiking to the green lake

NOK 1050

Be amazed by the landscape of our region. Mountain peaks filled with glacier ice and water green colored glacier lake
(15.May - 15.Sept)

Dette er tittelen

NOK 1690

Let us introduce you to the heart of the Kvænangen alps, where the amazing Jøkelfjord glacier catch your breath!
She is the last glacier in Europes´ mainland calving into the ocean.
(01.April - 01.Octt)

Midnight sun cruise

NOK 1490

To experience the seaside of Skjervøy under the midnight sun is really something special.
(20.May - 20.July)

Supervolcano day hike

NOK 1790

Let's go millions of years back in time, and learn about the geology of our region. By walking in an area of a supervolcano and glacier is really something special.
(1.June - 1.October)

Dette er tittelen

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