Wildlife safari & Fjordcruise

Witness the huge variety of cetaceans and bird life of the arctic Norway.

Join us cruising the fjords in search for birds and mammals of our region. This is a unique chance of witness the huge variety of cetaceans and bird life of the arctic Norway. The wildlife is dynamic and the presence of the species varies during the year.

If you search an alternative activity for whale safari, this will be your choice! 

After the winter whales ends their feeding party of our fjords in the end of January, we still see some cetaceans beeing presence, such as humpback whales. Pilot whales and sperm whale are individuals also beeing observed time to time.

White beaked dolphins, common porpoises, seals and otters are residents in our areas all year round.

Even mooses on land are common to see when we aproach close to shore. 

Eagles and cormorants are birds common to see in our area. We are very pleased to see other seabirds such as puffins in big amounts, razorbills, little auks, eider ducks, long taled ducks and more.

As a local natur based activity provider, local anchoring is important to us. To introduce you to the landscape affected by countless generations of Sami and Norwegian people, and other aspects of history, is something we would be pleased to bring on the table for you.

Our local guide will make sure this activity at sea is high quality and safe, so you feel taken care of and catered to. We look forward to being your host!

NOK 1350.-




ca. 2-3 hours


(suits the whole family)

Minimum age/size

6 years old/120cm

Maximum number of guests


Meeting place:

Strandveien 88, 9180 Skjervøy
Basement/harborside of food store “Coop Extra”
Please be there 15 min. before departure

Included in the price:


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