Let's create some memories together!

Snowshoe walk

NOK 890
How about a taste of the Arctic wilderness while walking on snow with the cool equipment; snowshoe!

Whale Safari
in Rib
Winter season

NOK 1790

We will create breathtaking memories together, in search of these wonders of the Norwegian arctic winter fjords.
(Available 15. October - 1. February)

Whales- birds- and wildlife tour

NOK 1550

Witness the huge variety of marine mammals and birdlife of Arctic Norway.
(Available 1. February - 15. October)


Jøkelfjord Glacier by Boat

NOK 1690

Let us introduce you to the heart of the Kvenangen alps, where the amazing Jøkelfjord glacier lies! It is the only glacier in Europe calving into the ocean.
(Available 1. April - 1. October)

Cruise under the
midnight sun

NOK 1490

Experiencing the seaside of Skjervøy under the midnight sun is incredible.
(Available 15. May - 1. September)

Supervolcano Day Hike

NOK 1950

Let’s travel millions of years back in time, to the geological history of our region. Viewing the supervolcano and the glacier is an incredible experience.
(1. June - 1. October)

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