Hike to Isbuktvannet
glacier lake

Be amazed by the landscape of our region. Mountain peaks filled with glacier ice and a lake with mesmerizing turquoise-green color.

Let us present to you one of our absolute hidden gems of our region!

The glacier lake Isbuktvannet is an absolute hidden gem of our region.

Melt water from Kågtind-glacier colors the lake with a pure green and turquoise color that feels like magic to our eyes.

We feel small in our position this close to the foot of Kågtind, the 3rd tallest island-mountain of Norway. It raises straight up to 1228mbs, right in front of us.

We sense the humbleness of being human in our position in this serene landscape. The nature is really putting a mesmerizing touch into our souls. We keep a moment of quite to listen to the language that Arctic nature speaks. What a pleasure to breath in this scenery!

The combination of glacier, the tall naked alp peak, the tempting colorful glacier lake and the high nutrient vegetation around, this is really a moment of pure nature.

We should not forget to mention how beautiful and pure the landscape we hike through to get to this hidden gem.

We will host you with a friendly atmosphere in our own authentic way.

NOK 1250.-




3-4 hours


Easy/ Medium

Minimum age/size

6 years old

Maximum number of guests


Meeting place:

Strandveien 70, 9180 Skjervøy
Red door next to "Elon"

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