Øksfjordjøkelen glacier

Let us introduce you to the heart of Kvænangen alps, the glacier Øksfjordjøkelen. A real hidden gem!

In our safe and steady Rib, we set course towards the majestic Kvænangen alps.

By first crossing the big fjord of Kvænangen with its arrow mountain peaks being swept around us, we get the a real nature close feeling and we are in the epicenter of beauty! On our port side, we see the large fjord-entrance pointing directly to north, towards the Barents Sea and the North pole. With this we get a reminder of the high Arctic latitude of our position on the planet.

The scenery we embrace is dramatic presenting a unique geology, with a volcanic history of more than 500 mill years, this can not be seeing any other places in the world. The most characteristic part, of which you shouldn’t miss out, is the “Dragon´s back” (“Kvænangstindan”). This mountain cap looks like a prehistoric monster. 

Passing on, we enter the long and narrow Jøkelfjord, where we find the hidden gem the bottom of the fjord, the remnant of the last Ice Age – the glacier Øksfjordjøkelen.

Once we arrive at the glacier front, we will enjoy some moments of Arctic silence.

The scenery around in the tall mountain sides contains high nutrients so the vegetation has a nice green color. And the glacier with its blue ice glistens to us, the contrasts are pleasant for the eyes.

By seeing the blue color of the glacier front, means that it is fresh calved. In the spring, the glaciers´calving is at its most active and time to time resulting in floating glacier parts in the fjord. It’s a fascinating sight!

During our moment in front of the glacier we might be lucky to experience the sighting of the glacier calving. The sound is the most spectacular, real one of a kind!

In the area we navigate during this activity, there is a rich amount of wildlife too. Both cetaceans and bird-life. We might be lucky to see some of the species our region of Arctic Norway is known of hosting.

Our local guide will make sure this activity is accomplished in a high quality and safe way, so you feel taken care of and catered to.

We look forward to be your host!

NOK 1690,-




ca 3 - 4 hours



Minimum age/size

6 years old/120cm

Maximum number of guests


Meeting place:

Strandveien 70, 9180 Skjervøy
The red door next to "Elon"
Please be there 15 min. before departure

Included in the price:


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