Midnight Sun cruise

There’s something special about the late summer evenings in the north. When the sun doesn't set, time stands still and a magical feeling overtakes you. Nature speaks.

Experiencing the seaside of Skjervøy under the midnight sun is incredible. The fjord and all its nature become calm and peaceful. It’s truly a moment that has to be experienced in person.

Up here, the sun never sets. While it dips down to the horizon, it still sheds light across the fjords. It’s a truly unique experience.

On this trip, we circumnavigate Skjervøy and get to see the island from a unique perspective. During this cruise, you will see landscapes affected by countless generations of Sami and Norwegian people, and many other aspects of history, including World War II.

Around here, there is a vast amount of wildlife, so there is a good chance of seeing some of the species Norway is known for hosting, such as whales, dolphins, eagles, and puffins.

Our local guide will make sure this cruise trip is high quality and safe, so you feel taken care of and catered to. We look forward to being your host!

NOK 1250.-




ca. 3 hours


(suits the whole family)

Minimum age/size

6 years old/120cm

Maximum number of guests


Meeting place:

Strandveien 88, 9180 Skjervøy
Basement/harborside of food store “Coop Extra”
Please be there 15 min. before departure

Included in the price:


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