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Skjervøy has quite good location regarding infrastucture. Closest main airports are Tromsø and Alta. From here you can either drive rental car on your own, joining the light aircraft, scheduled bus or the passenger boats/ships on a daily basis. Details are shown below.

Due to the given timetables of these companies, you most likely have to plan an overnight stay before you return. Why not stay two or three nights then? There are several cozy accomodation options in close area which is also shown below.

If you find it difficult understanding the transportation table or you need further explanation, please do not hesitate contacting us.

We will gladly help guideing you to Skjervøy for joing our quality adventures!



The Norwegian Coastal steamer (Tromsø-Skjervøy/Skjervøy-Tromsø, every day).

    • Northbound: departure Tromsø 18.30/arrival Skjervøy 22.30
    • Southbound: departure Skjervøy 19.45/ arrival Tromsø 23.45

Passenger speedboat

(Tromsø – Skjervøy – Tromsø)

Bus 150/155

(Tromsø Prostneset/ Skjervøy Hurtigbåtkai/ Alta Sentrum)


Mainairports Tromsø and Alta, and the small general aviation Sørkjosen(nearest).

Rental car (from airport in Tromsø/ Alta/Sørkjosen): (Roads E6 and Fv866)

Accomodation - Skjervøy

Hotell Maritim

Skjervøy Fiskecamp

Accomodation - Sørkjosen/Nordreisa

(40minutes car/busdrive from Skjervøy):
  • Reisafjord Hotel
  • North Of Lyngen Apartments
  • Henriksens gjestestue


Strandveien 88 A
Skjervøy, Troms 9180
+47 97661307